Firm Profile

Rayfield & Licata, Consultants and Certified Public Accountants, a professional corporation, with over 100 years of fine tuned knowledge and experience, is strategically located in the center of its marketplace. As a full service accounting firm, we prepare the entire array of professional products with uncompromising quality. With expertise, we thoroughly review every product to determine the best advice we can render.

This is why we are unique - WE RENDER ADVICE. The partners have come to realize that advice is service and that, above all else, users want advice from their CPAs. As this concept (ADVICE IS SERVICE) materialized, we evolved an in-house quality service system that we have named our THREE PRONG APPROACH (TPA)! Basically our quality service system forces all client information to be exposed to various appropriate personnel within our firm to cover management, accounting and tax advice. The system works by having a second partner on all engagements to provide for continuity, having all financial and tax products concurrently reviewed before issuance and having the advice presented to the client by the personnel with the expertise. As we deal with our clients, they eventually deal directly with the proper person. This is why we say TPA - clients go directly to the expertise they desire - the most efficient and productive way in a client/accountant relationship.

Our partners have many years of experience as consultants and certified public accountants and as businessmen. We have been involved in isolating many problems for clients in many different industries and pursuits. But isolating problems is not difficult, developing innovative solutions and directing implementation to achieve results, is. We have designed and installed solutions to a wide range of problems. Our partners are professionals; schooled, experienced and dedicated to the financial health of our clients.

Additionally, our partners are involved in professional as well as community affairs, both in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our professional staff is carefully selected, trained vigorously and supervised closely to achieve two of our goals:



In order to continually update our level of knowledge and expertise, all professional personnel participate in continuing education programs, both in-house (we are accredited by the states of New York and New Jersey to conduct Continuing Professional Education (CPE) sessions) and as provided by professional societies. Our experience is constantly expanding as we work closely with clients to solve accounting, tax, financial and management problems.

Partners and staff are attuned to our clients needs and monitor their changing situations. We believe the high levels of service and quality cause us to become part of our clients' team. We strive, together with our clients, to achieve their planned goals.

Rayfield & Licata is a Peer Reviewed firm. In such a review, an outside team examines the financial statements we issued, the workpapers we prepared, our methods, policies and procedures and interviews our professional staff. The Peer Review standards are high and stringent. To continually pass Peer Review is a distinction of which we are justly proud.

Rayfield & Licata's specializing has and will continue to result in the development of strong relationships with our clients. We knew that by becoming specialists we would be part of our clients team - an extension of their talents. We want this! It is the most effective way to see problems, determine solutions and complete implementation of those solutions. In this highly competitive business environment, this approach is wanted, needed and efficient.

Our specialties have been developed through many years of education and of solving complex problems, many times.

Our specialties are: