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Robert R. Ross, CPA, CFF, CFE, DABFA, CDFA, director of both the forensic accounting and estates and trust departments, has over thirty years experience in public accounting. Mr. Ross has conducted numerous fraud related investigations concerning stockholders/officers of privately held companies, prepared many business valuations/appraisals, provided litigation support in matrimonial matters and performed damage assessment studies. He has also testified as an expert witness in both federal and state courts. As director of the estate and trust department, Mr. Ross has assisted attorneys in the planning, administration, tax return preparation and preparation of required accountings for estates and trust. During this process, using sophisticated and creative techniques from his extensive knowledge of the IRS Code for these areas, he has saved millions of dollars in estate and gift taxes for clients. Because of this expertise, many lawyers have outsourced their estate and trust planning, administration and tax return preparation to us.